Canton, Stark County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Balizet, Donald A.  19 Aug 1929Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32260
2 Baum, Jospeh John  24 Nov 1902Canton, Stark County, Ohio I440
3 Baum, Mabel  6 Sep 1908Canton, Stark County, Ohio I438
4 Geis, Clarence Lowell  16 Aug 1912Canton, Stark County, Ohio I34026
5 Gill, Dennis Michael  1 Apr 1955Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32496
6 Gresser, Wilda Lucille  28 Oct 1902Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26896
7 Haidet, Mildred L.  2 Jul 1917Canton, Stark County, Ohio I42358
8 Hoffee, John William  27 Jun 1920Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60346
9 Meyers, Birdene Cecelia Anne  15 Jul 1926Canton, Stark County, Ohio I43720
10 Meyers, Mary Joan  1 Aug 1922Canton, Stark County, Ohio I43723
11 Meyers, Roy Edward  31 Oct 1894Canton, Stark County, Ohio I43721
12 Michel, Joseph Edward  7 Jul 1961Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32059
13 Michel, Karen Louella  16 Dec 1955Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32287
14 Michel, Martha Jo  6 Sep 1947Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32265
15 Mohler, Sarah (Sallie) Ellen  6 Oct 1873Canton, Stark County, Ohio I61757
16 Morrison, Alice Josephine  28 Jul 1886Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60953
17 Paquelet, Paul Raymond  8 May 1927Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32070
18 Paquelet, Richard Francis  25 Jul 1925Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32069
19 Paquelet, Thomas Edward  31 May 1934Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32071
20 Rebillot, Paul F.  14 Dec 1923Canton, Stark County, Ohio I598
21 Schumacher, Helen Neva  22 Sep 1904Canton, Stark County, Ohio I12457
22 Wenning, Opal Caroline  19 Jul 1907Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60908
23 Zaleski, Alexander  1917Canton, Stark County, Ohio I61505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baum, Azalea E.  9 Oct 1935Canton, Stark County, Ohio I435
2 Baum, Clarence Lester  29 Mar 1978Canton, Stark County, Ohio I61263
3 Baum, Jospeh John  24 Mar 1967Canton, Stark County, Ohio I440
4 Baum, Louis Joseph  26 Apr 1941Canton, Stark County, Ohio I433
5 Baum, Mabel  10 May 1910Canton, Stark County, Ohio I438
6 Becherer, Catherine D.  9 Jan 2007Canton, Stark County, Ohio I13919
7 Bourquin, Rose Augustine  18 Jul 1918Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26856
8 Bridge, Ella Margaret  10 Feb 1971Canton, Stark County, Ohio I43689
9 Bridge, Malinda A.  8 Jul 1985Canton, Stark County, Ohio I31708
10 Chevraux, Emil Eugene  21 Feb 1958Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60952
11 Cholley, Louis J.  4 Mar 1930Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26031
12 Cholley, Paul J.  27 Aug 1973Canton, Stark County, Ohio I19027
13 Dimmerling, Eva Carolina  2 Aug 1960Canton, Stark County, Ohio I31805
14 Dimmerling, Rome Leonard  8 Dec 1962Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32489
15 Dimmerling, Roy C.  20 Apr 2010Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32651
16 Fichter, Lucille Eva  4 Jul 2006Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60318
17 Fockler, Elmer  11 May 1935Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26078
18 Frank, LeRoy Philip  28 Dec 1975Canton, Stark County, Ohio I23054
19 Gaume, Mary Anne  9 Oct 1907Canton, Stark County, Ohio I796
20 Gill, Dennis Michael  11 Oct 1982Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32496
21 Guittar, Donald  23 Dec 1976Canton, Stark County, Ohio I61107
22 Guittar, Frank H.  10 Aug 1927Canton, Stark County, Ohio I410
23 Guittar, Paul  24 Jun 1987Canton, Stark County, Ohio I61108
24 Gulling, Theresa  Apr 1921Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26537
25 Hershberger, Sarah  27 Feb 1923Canton, Stark County, Ohio I15390
26 Jaeb, Clemens Mathias  25 Feb 1989Canton, Stark County, Ohio I48903
27 Jaeb, Hilda K.  6 Sep 1989Canton, Stark County, Ohio I48899
28 Keller, Catherine  15 Aug 1946Canton, Stark County, Ohio I61371
29 Kimes, Forrest G. Sr.  17 Nov 1970Canton, Stark County, Ohio I645
30 Klingler, Homer Jacob  Feb 1977Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32088
31 Lair, Beatrice  29 Jan 1926Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60274
32 Lair, Herman  24 Mar 1984Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60282
33 Lair, Lula M.  20 Mar 1987Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60284
34 Meredith, Julia Elizabeth  11 Sep 1947Canton, Stark County, Ohio I1206
35 Michel, Esther Marie  29 Apr 1980Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26644
36 Michel, Joseph Edward  8 Jul 1961Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32059
37 Michel, Karen Louella  22 Jan 1957Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32287
38 Michel, Martha Jo  15 Sep 1947Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32265
39 Michel, Roy Andrew  12 May 1983Canton, Stark County, Ohio I31803
40 Michel, Rupert Edward  10 Sep 1997Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32458
41 Michel, Wilmer Joseph  Aug 1983Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32132
42 Miday, Raymond E.  21 Oct 1975Canton, Stark County, Ohio I43290
43 Morrison, Alice Josephine  31 Oct 1952Canton, Stark County, Ohio I60953
44 Newton, Margaret  29 Oct 1908Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26453
45 Paquelet, Thomas Edward  28 Dec 1942Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32071
46 Rebillot, Alzire  5 Sep 1916Canton, Stark County, Ohio I405
47 Rebillot, Eugenie Mary  26 Aug 1939Canton, Stark County, Ohio I530
48 Rebillot, Louis P.  14 Mar 1929Canton, Stark County, Ohio I463
49 Rohrig, Irene M.  12 Dec 1987Canton, Stark County, Ohio I32647
50 Rowe, Albert  10 Apr 1915Canton, Stark County, Ohio I26456

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Balizet / Schindler  18 Jun 1949Canton, Stark County, Ohio F7789
2 Schoeppner / Schindler  16 Oct 1946Canton, Stark County, Ohio F7788
3 Smith / Weisent  25 May 1946Canton, Stark County, Ohio F7773