Louisville, Stark County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baum, Albert Charles  23 Jun 1893Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I432
2 Baum, Edward Franklin  3 Jul 1892Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I431
3 Cartier, Celestine  Oct 1848Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I626
4 Cartier, Mary Ann  24 Dec 1850Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I623
5 Chevraux, Clara  6 Sep 1867Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60251
6 Chevraux, Emil Eugene  15 Jun 1875Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60952
7 Chevraux, Eugene Louis  31 Aug 1885Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26836
8 Chevraux, Henry August  11 Jun 1891Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26835
9 Chevraux, Raymond Francis  9 Oct 1895Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26832
10 Cholley, Bernard (Bud) P.  4 Oct 1911Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I19015
11 Cholley, Joseph Louis  Dec 1883Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I19018
12 Cholley, Louis J.  27 Apr 1862Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26031
13 Evrard, Eugene James  14 Mar 1901Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13293
14 Fisher, William Joel  5 Apr 1933Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I59801
15 Frank, John Walter  3 Oct 1927Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I34145
16 Gaume, Apoline (Pauline)  10 Aug 1838Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I531
17 Gaume, Francis  12 Mar 1843Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I789
18 Gaume, Louis  31 Aug 1852Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I797
19 Gaume, Mary Anne  2 Aug 1844Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I796
20 Gerardat, Mary Cecelia  21 Sep 1849Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13314
21 Grisez, Richard Francis  25 Feb 1916Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I767
22 Gulling, Augustine (Gus) E.  15 Aug 1901Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26595
23 Gulling, Marvin Edward  30 Jan 1897Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26588
24 Hauenstein, Robert Harold  26 Jan 1916Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I49767
25 Jaeb, Evelyn  17 Sep 1929Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I41780
26 Johnson, Earl F.  27 Feb 1925Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I636
27 Keller, Elsie  1921Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61504
28 Keller, Ethel Florence  5 May 1915Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61367
29 Keller, Infant  26 Sep 1920Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61370
30 Klingaman, Emma Jane  29 Nov 1863Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I18809
31 Klingaman, Florence  27 Oct 1894Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61365
32 Klingaman, Ida Lucetta  19 Aug 1880Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61516
33 Lamielle, Elizabeth M.  1854Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26040
34 McKimm, Gerald P.  19 Sep 1927Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I53551
35 Menegay, Leo Charles  14 May 1880Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13458
36 Menegay, Louis Simon  20 Jan 1851Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13223
37 Menegay, Mary Elizabeth Angela  27 Apr 1884Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13459
38 Menegay, Victor  31 Mar 1845Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I59136
39 Michel, Jane Catherine  25 Jan 1924Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I32042
40 Monnot, Ellen  28 Oct 1857Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I606
41 Paquelet, Raymond Louis  19 Jan 1894Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I32068
42 Paumier, Marcella J.  3 Aug 1908Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13296
43 Romy, Charles Earl  13 May 1895Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60478
44 Romy, Edgar P.  1907Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60487
45 Romy, Eva  1904Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60485
46 Romy, Hazel C.  1903Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60482
47 Romy, Myrtle Olga  13 Jan 1901Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60488
48 Romy, Sydney Ward  24 Jun 1897Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60480
49 Samblanet, Bernard F.  28 Mar 1913Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60299
50 Schott, Helen Barbara  8 Nov 1914Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I59827

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, Herbert T.  27 Dec 1964Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I44457
2 Bailey, Helen M.  4 Jan 2006Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I12632
3 Burkhardt, Philomena (Minnie)  11 Apr 1932Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I27364
4 Chevraux, August  7 Feb 1882Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13461
5 Chevraux, August Louis  17 Apr 1920Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60250
6 Chevraux, Mary  31 Jan 1935Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13457
7 Cholley, Eugene  12 Apr 1927Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26021
8 Cholley, Peter A.  22 Nov 1937Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26028
9 Dimmerling, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1967Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I31833
10 Dodane, Marie Cesarine  29 Mar 1895Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I42641
11 Evrard, Eugène  May 1923Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60560
12 Frank, Clarence Edward  13 Jun 1985Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I32220
13 Frank, Lillian Christine  17 Apr 1977Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I32040
14 Grisez, Helen Agnes  22 May 1994Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I768
15 Grisez, Paul John  Mar 1946Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I773
16 Gulling, Clarence P.  28 Jan 1970Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26592
17 Haidet, Frank Nicholas  18 Jan 1927Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I6926
18 Haren, Harry  15 Jan 1973Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I31931
19 Jaeb, Anna  6 Nov 1997Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I48900
20 Johnson, Henry Isaiah  15 Oct 1935Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I631
21 Johnson, Isaiah J.  13 Aug 1896Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I455
22 Keller, Ethel Florence  12 Jul 1915Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61367
23 Keller, Infant  26 Sep 1920Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I61370
24 Klingaman, Emma Jane  13 Sep 1919Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I18809
25 Klingaman, George  21 May 1933Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I18810
26 Kropf, Emma  12 Sep 1967Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I633
27 Lamielle, Agnes Marie  8 Mar 1995Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I34923
28 Lautzenheiser, Sherman  15 May 1940Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I45996
29 McKimm, Gerald P.  3 Feb 2004Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I53551
30 Michel, Beda Joseph  13 Jun 1977Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I31804
31 Michel, Carl John  7 Jun 1985Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26648
32 Michel, Ella Anna  27 Feb 1999Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I31802
33 Michel, Francis James  26 Aug 1952Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13909
34 Michel, Frieda Katherine  18 Feb 1989Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26643
35 Michel, Henry  16 Nov 1963Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13916
36 Michel, Julietta Evelyn  2 Jun 1979Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I26642
37 Monnot, Ellen  20 Jan 1931Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I606
38 Monter, Kathleen  26 Sep 2006Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I34137
39 Monter, Paul L.  13 May 1992Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I34139
40 Moulin, Louise Rose  3 Jun 1971Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I680
41 Paquelet, Raymond Louis  Sep 1990Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I32068
42 Pickering, Della  2 Jun 1869Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I791
43 Poinsot, Marie Joseph  13 Oct 1850Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I12975
44 Poinsot, Mary Justine Elizabeth  27 Jan 1880Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I13460
45 Rebillot, Delphine (Della) A.E.  11 Nov 1965Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I473
46 Romy, Edgar P.  4 Jan 1908Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60487
47 Romy, Eva  1969Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60485
48 Romy, Hazel C.  30 Aug 1904Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60482
49 Romy, Myrtle Olga  16 Dec 1933Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60488
50 Romy, Paul Ernest  22 Feb 1951Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I60477

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baum, Mabel  12 May 1910Louisville, Stark County, Ohio I438


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Givens / Romy  14 Feb 1925Louisville, Stark County, Ohio F18293
2 Menegay / Gaume  28 Nov 1871Louisville, Stark County, Ohio F18437
3 Miday / Dodane  3 Jul 1845Louisville, Stark County, Ohio F11313
4 Monnot / Rebillot  18 Apr 1849Louisville, Stark County, Ohio F6091
5 Romy / Klingaman  21 Oct 1894Louisville, Stark County, Ohio F18288
6 Saunier / Gaume  26 Nov 1862Louisville, Stark County, Ohio F18435